Michele Sullivan

Welcome into my World…

Our mission is to empower individuals to break free from the confines of their 9-5 jobs, guiding them towards financial independence and personal growth.

We do this by providing a platform where they can thrive as setters or closers with a highly reputable company. We believe in the power of learning while earning, fostering a community of continuous education and professional success, enabling people to take control of their future and build a life they love.

Our Ethos

We stand on the foundation of unwavering integrity. We’re not just about profits; we’re about real impact. Our beacon? A mission to uplift, inspire, and empower.

No Shortcuts, Just Real Growth

Sales can be rewarding, but it’s not a walk in the park. It demands dedication, and while we won’t sell you dreams, we promise you this: our unwavering support. From one-on-one coaching, group interactions, comprehensive materials, to real-world sales opportunities – we’re with you, all in.

Authenticity & Transparency

Every journey with us is genuine. We lay out the roadmap, crystal clear, ensuring you know the journey ahead. Ethical sales is our heartbeat, and we vow to uphold its sanctity.

Our Pledge

Led by our founder and a passionate team, we swear by one principle: Never let a momentary gain overshadow our integrity. As you step into the world of XCloser, you’re stepping into a legacy of trust and unparalleled excellence.


Ready to embark on a transformative journey?

To not just learn but to evolve?

Dive into the world of ethical sales, be the change, and together, let’s craft a story of trust and brilliance.

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